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you're the solution to water pollution

You're the Solution to Water Pollution

The Dane County Lakes and Watershed Commission has made a series of publications on water quality available to groups and organizations involved in protecting and enhancing water resources in Dane County.

"You're the Solution to Water Pollution" series take a humorous look at how individual actions around the home can impact our water resources and gives suggestions on how to make a positive impact. "You're the Solution" is the main brochure with four supporting pamphlets that have more detail about each action.

Groups may order the brochures free of charge. There's even room for your organization's stamp or sticker on the back of each above the Lakes and Watershed Commission's contact info. They're great to help get the water quality message out at your next event or meeting or to have on hand at your office. Countertop distribution boards hold two different brochures and are also available.

With the county-wide stormwater ordinance now in affect, these brochures bring attention to the valuable water resources of Dane County. There are two different forms that can be used for this brochure series:

To submit these forms to us, you may fax them to (608) 246-3898; mail them to Dane County Office of Lakes and Watersheds
5201 Fen Oak Dr., Room 234 -- Madison, WI 53718-8827; or email your request to lakes@co.dane.wi.us.

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