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The Waters of Dane County

Dane County is blessed with 69 named lakes, and more than 400 miles of streams and rivers including 14 miles of the Wisconsin River. The total surface water coverage in Dane County is more than 23,000 acres, or 36 square miles. Dane County is also home to 52,000 acres of wetlands. These waters are part of what make this area so special. Water-related recreation activities contribute substantially to the region's economy, with lake users spending an average of $15.00 -$22.00 on each outing for fuel and supplies alone, according to a 1995 study. Water resources contribute to business, industry and agriculture as well. We use 42 million gallons of water a day for business and personal purposes. The Dane County State of the Waters Report (follow link above) is a convenient single reference for those seeking in-depth information about area waters and watersheds.



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