Dane County Office of Lakes & Watersheds
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State of the Waters Report

The Dane County State of the Waters Report is a convenient single reference for those seeking in-depth information about the water bodies and watersheds throughout our county. Here you’ll be able to learn about the characteristics of the four major river basins (groups of watersheds that ultimately drain to a major river or lake) in the county, as well as the watersheds within those basins. You can also learn about issues confronting each watershed, and find contacts for local water resource protection groups.

This is a living document, and the Office of Lakes and Watersheds will be enhancing and expanding the information included in it. If you have comments on the existing content or suggestions for new information that should be included, please contact us at lakes@co.dane.wi.us.

We hope that as you learn more about the abundant water resources in our area that you’ll join with others and act to protect and improve those waters.



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